God + Relationship!

Our conversation was about growing spiritually. So many are caught between how they were raised, and the truth of knowing a God beyond that. I hear people say “the bible does not change”! The words don’t change, but our understanding should. Hopefully we live, grow, and study in an effort to look beyond the words.  Only by growing mentally… and spiritually… each day, do we truly live.  So many accept the role of their raising as the answer to everything.  I myself was raised in the Church of Christ.  I have a deep love for that religion and its people, but as I matured my heart and mind knew there had to be more. People I talk to were raised in so many different religions. Many that send me notes are looking to a relationship with our Father that is beyond their childhood teaching. Why do we as people, believe the teaching of our tribe… and then believe it to be a sin to question it?  Humans as a species, are not attracted to change. We like things the way we like things. And yet the first words out of Jesus’ mouth tell us that he came for change: “Repent,”—translated change your mind—“for the kingdom of heaven has come near”. Change for the sake of change is not always good.  However, to not question your relationship with God because it is what your ancestors did, is not what God wants of us. God wants relationship! NOT RELIGION! Look beyond the words on the page and listen with your heart.  Matthew 3:2

I Love You!  Perry

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