A Hall Of Mirrors!

We had been to an interesting museum. We were lost in a maze of mirrors.  If you have never been in a mirror maze, you get so lost, because each way you turn, looks like the last.  It wasn’t until I looked past the mirrors, that I started to see a way out. As I stood there, the thought of our lives played in my head.  Our faith, our beliefs, our way of living, should not be a hall of mirrors.  God wants authenticity.  God wants people, who move past what they are told, and raised to understand, into a place of contemplation. He wants people who focus on the outside, instead of the inside.  As I read the red letters, in my new testament, I see more parables than anything.  Sometimes our Savior taught with words, but more often then not he taught in parables. Why?  Then as now, he wants us to think.  He wants more than just followers. Jesus wants people who think for themselves, and openly choose his teachings.  God wants children who not only love, but freely choose to do so.  If he wanted robots, he could have simply made millions, in his image.  However, the greatest gift he gave us was free will, and a mind to think past his teachings.  As you read, as you discuss, as you contemplate life, look past what you have been taught to believe.  Look past the mirrors.  It’s the only way to find true happiness, contentment and joy.  Galatians 5

I Love You!


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