Greatest Love!

So many days, my thoughts turn to the love of our Savior.  I think about all the things he did, because he loves us.  He made food taste amazing.  He made the world look spectacular.  He put love in our soul, so we would find joy in each other.  He gave us eyes to see, and ears to hear.  He gave talents, to so many, in order that we may enjoy each of our senses. However, the greatest show of love he gave, was making himself human.  Leaving his throne of glory and becoming just like us.  If he had not become human.  If he had not rose again in human form. We would not have been saved. We would not have been able to look upon his face… feel his warm touch… or look into his loving eyes. He could have simply came here, corrected our sinful ways, or said “I’m done” and allowed us to die.  Instead he came, he allowed himself to see and feel what we do. To suffer as we do. To laugh as we do.  He came, in order to produce more sons of his father God.  To turn us into himself… so we may call ourselves God’s children.  God doesn’t just want better people, he wants children who call him father.  The only way that would happen, is for us to see his child in human flesh. That is the greatest love of all.  Romans 8:31

I Love You!


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