What Do You Believe?

So much of our belief system, the ideas of our theology, come from our parents… our families… our traditions.  We believe half truths, because we listen to the stories of our ancestors, and those that lead our churches.  Do you wear the name Jesus?  Do you claim to know his heart and the words of his story?  We have a Savior, who loves us more than we could know.  He doesn’t follow rules.  He doesn’t worry about the traditions of families, or the laws of religion.  He is consumed with love.  He wants us to lay ourselves out bare before him, with no facade… no pretense.  When God spoke to Adam and Eve, after their mistake, he asked “who told you, you were naked”.  It was not about clothing.  God wants us to be exposed before him. He doesn’t want pride, he wants honesty.  He wants us to know, his forgiving nature.  It’s about making ourselves humble before our fellow man.  Making ourselves open, to being fully human, and not worrying about if we look weak to others.  As you come to a understanding of Jesus’s heart, you will see that he laid himself open, to all mankind, in order to save us.  There is freedom in doing the same.  The only truth that matters, comes from the one who has scars on his hands… his feet.  The rest is simply wasted time. 

1 John 4:7

I Love You!


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