He Was Fully Human!

Do you find it hard to think of Christ in human terms?  To think of him as a person, just like you… like me?  Not until we grasp that concept, will we fully understand the importance of his birth… his death… his resurrection.  He was fully human.  He had odor after a long hard day.  His poop stunk, just like ours.  He got gas from what he ate.  He got boogers in his nose, from time to time.  He liked some foods, more than others.   His breath didn’t smell the best, right after he woke up.  He had to clip his finger nails.  He enjoyed laughing.  He was tempted, by all the things we are.  Sexual desire, stretching the truth, anger, selfishness, malice, conceit, and so many more.  The whips that hit his back, caused great pain.  The thorns on his head, were like so many needles.  The driven nails were excruciating.  Then just like us… he died.  His heart stopped beating.  His lungs gave their last breath. His brain waves were no longer.  However, he lives again.  His heart beats, his lungs breath and his brain waves respond.  So when we think of his birth… it was miraculous… but it was still human. I gain great peace in knowing that he understands my struggles.  I take greater peace in knowing my heart will stop at some point, but just like his, it will beat again. 

Hebrews 2:5

I Love You!


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