Do You Feel Lost?

Do you ever feel lost?  Do you feel like you don’t belong… in the place where you find yourself?  Lately I have felt lost!  I look… I listen… I notice… I deal with and encounter others who seem to have  no love or even thoughts of our Savior.  I watch as people are so ugly to each other.  I contemplate as so many are greedy.  I observe as people fight and argue.  I see so many looking for happiness in the wrong places.  There are times that I feel so weary over it all.  Then I remember that he is directing.  Jesus is in control and at sometime will come back.  He reminds me that until that day I am to be his hands and feet.  As I try to show his love he gives me the strength I so desperately need.  He will for you too… just ask!

John 16:33

I Love You!

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