He Has Risen!!

Really?  How can this be?  I knew he was special… I saw him perform so many miracles but to bring himself back to life?  It must be a mistake, it simply can’t be.  Then Thomas saw him.  “See my hands Thomas. Touch the hole in my side.   Believe…Thomas, because I love you”.  I try so hard to imagine what that was like.   To see Jesus again.  To hold his hand.  To place my hand on his side and feel the scar.  To know he did that for me out of a deeper love than my soul can comprehend.  I try so hard to picture that in my mind.  Then he reminds my heart that one day, he will allow me to do what Thomas did… to hold his hand, touch his side, to caress his feet.   All I have to do is believe.  Hallelujah!!!!  

John 20:27

I Love You!


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