No Ordinary Jew!

 He had seen so many crucified but none had been beaten so badly.  Wounds so deep.  Thorns so sharp.  Hatred so intense.  This centurion had hardened his heart because there had been so many.  But this one was different.  This one seemed to endure the pain with a purpose.  Then it happened.  Middle of the day.  Full darkness.  Darkness void of any stars.  Ground shook and someone yelled “the temple curtain has torn”.  Then thru the darkness he heard the scream “ father I give you my spirit”.  He pondered as he stood looking at this man on the cross.  This was not just another crucifixion.  This was no ordinary jewish carpenter.  This jew was talking to God.  This Galilean was talking to his father.  Jesus was talking to God so that we can talk to him too.  WHAT AN AMAZING SAVIOR!!!

Mark 15

I Love You!


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