Imagine His Pain!

How good is your imagination?  Can you picture things in your mind!  I want you to use your imagination… imagine what it feels like to be spat on?  To be laughed at… thrown around by your hair.  Imagine being beaten to the point that your face was swollen.  Imagine what it feels like for your back to be beaten so hard and so long that your muscles are torn… tendons exposed.  To have multiple thorns shoved into your scalp… into your forehead.    Picture carrying a huge piece of splintter filled wood on your back with open wounds.  Imagine the pain of having large nails driven thru the bones in your wrist… the bones of your feet.  Picture hanging from those nail driven wrist only to have to push up on the nail that was driven through your feet.  Think about having to do that over… and over… and over.  With no hope of ever getting a breath.

Now imagine knowing you can’t stop it because you love so deeply. 

Our Savior… Our Lord… knew what was in store for him.  He knew the pain.   He knew the humiliation.  He knew the suffering.  He understood it was the only way to save you.  To save me.  

What an amazing Savior!!

I Love You!


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