A Love Shower!

I find myself in most situations looking to others for lessons.  Observing, pondering, looking to behavior in an effort to see God.  To see Christ.  As I watched from across the restaurant, she walked up with no acknowledgement from him. Kids in tow, but still no pause to smile or look in her direction. My heart dropped. When your married, not another person in this world is more important.  The only person, place, or thing that could ever take my attention from my wife would be Jesus, if he entered the room. My wife Lorna, apart from Christ, is the center of everything that I do. So it should always be with a union between two people. We are made to serve.  It is in our DNA to help, to love, to care for and nurture, just as Christ did.  As James Taylor would say: “shower the people you love with love”.  By doing so we are giving honor to the one who taught us, how to love.  Jesus was pure love, with no hidden agenda or thought of what was best for himself. When we learn to love deeply.  When we learn to put aside our differences, and focus on simple love, we will begin to see the kingdom of heaven, right in front of us. When we put Christ at the center of our relationships. When we learn to not base our love on performance, but instead on being as one.  Then and only then will we truly understand how God feels about us. Whether spouse, child, friend or stranger.  Shower them with love. Ephesians 5:1(msg)

I Love You!


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