How Much Is Enough?

We seem to be stuck.  So many with their feet in the quicksand.  Statements like; “She is not living with God in her life. It pains me that I will not see her in heaven”.  God loves her just like you!  Proclamations like “She died without knowing our Savior, I guess there is no hope”.  Maybe no one told her about Jesus!  So how much is enough?  Do you need to do one more good deed… or twenty?  Do you need to go to church one more time… or one hundred?  If I can just memorize one more scripture I will have it made.  What makes us think that we have enough power to determine our destiny?  How can we be so arrogant, as to think we could ever do anything good enough, to stand by his side?  If we are earning our way into his presence… what was the cross for?  There is nothing you can do.  Nothing you can say. Nothing you can give that will allow you to even touch the hem of his robe.  There is also nothing you can do.  Nothing you can say.  That will keep him from you.  He is a God who pursues.  He is a Savior that loves..unconditionally.  He dwells in a spirit of forgiveness.  Do what you do… but only out of a deep love for him.   He will not ask for anything more.  Romans 8:31 thru 39

I love You!


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