Unbridled Enthusiasm!

As he spoke of baptizing his child he said: “it was all I could do to contain myself”.  Why would we ever contain ourself, when it comes to God?  I watch as people view sporting events and when the team scores they are on their feet, cheering.  I watch people at concerts… at children’s performances… and I see unbridled enthusiasm.  Why do we not have that same level of excitement about our Lord and Savior?  Jesus loved all of his disciples.  He spent time with each of them.  Why do you think he gave the keys to the kingdom of heaven to Peter first? Why do you think Jesus named Peter “the rock” upon which he would build his church?  Peter lived with passion for Christ.  Peter jumped out of the boat when no one else would.  Peter came to Jesus’s defense before anyone else even thought of it.   We should pray daily to have the spirit of Peter.   To live our life not only in devotion to Christ but to have an unbridled passion… unbridled excitement… for the one who saved us.  It’s great to cheer at a game.  It’s important to show emotion at our children’s performances.  But so much more important is what Jesus did for us.  Don’t you think that deserves some unbridled enthusiasm?  Psalms 67

I Love You!


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