As he welcomed us, to the hotel, he said happiness and peace radiated from us!  We then talked about how all of that comes from Jesus… I could tell he was uncomfortable.   As we showed the love of Christ to this young man, he shared his life with us, and told us he was gay.  He explained he was tired of those that say they love Jesus, being so judgmental.  As I hugged him I said… me too!!  The religious community has driven him to a point of not caring about God or his Son.  How can that be what Jesus would want?  How can that be LOVE!  Should we not take the log out of our own eye before pointing out the speck in his?  Our Savior welcomes everyone.  Our Savior is much more comfortable with the sinners, than with those that claim to not be.  Our western religious culture, has put so much importance on rules, that we have forgotten, nothing is more important than love of others.  As Christians, our job is first and foremost, to live a Christ centered life. To show his love to all those around us.   As all people experience us… they should always see Christ shining… from every angle of our existence.  Hypocrisy… what our Savior hated the most.  We would warrant his favor if we hated it too.   Matthew 7: 1-5

I Love You!


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