Spontaneous Love!

As I entered the room he spontaneously came running to hug me.  No hesitation… no worry… no wondering who I was… he simply came to hug.  This little boy had so much love in his heart, that he was willing to hug a perfect stranger.  He told me his name, asked for mine, than went back to play.  Did he feel a connection?  I know I did.  Did he feel the love of Christ as we embraced?  I know I did.  His teacher said she had never seen him do that.  Spontaneous love… it was pure… it was holy.  Isn’t that what Christ wants of us?  No hesitation to love.  No hesitation to find a connection.  No stranger in the room, only people we love.  Did our Savior not take perfect strangers and ask them to spend their life with him? I observe, as so many people go through their day, with no thought of the person right next to them.  The clerk behind the counter,  the waitress, is just another person, in a sea of people we encounter daily.  Thought is never given as to their life and how we might help.  A kind word or a concerned prayer.  So as you go through your day do you see people or do you see a person?  We could learn from this young man and the spontaneous love he had to offer.  I’m certain it made our Savior smile.  Colossians 3:14

I Love You!


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