Amazing God!

I see large, white, clouds, as if they are made of cotton, bellowing up into the heavens.  What an amazing God!  I watch as the sun sets, and turns the sky  to a golden yellow, followed by an awesome deep dark orange, with remnants of sun beaming through the clouds.  What an amazing God!  I marvel at a lighting bug, as it flies here and there, beaming its’ signal to other fire flies.  What an amazing God!  As if that is not enough, I look into the faces of my family and I see Christ!  What an amazing God!  I look into the eyes of my wife and I see infinite love.  What an amazing God!  From the people I work with… to the lady that cuts my hair… to the homeless gentleman we give shelter to… to my dear friends… I look with amazement as Christ shines from each of them.  What an amazing God!   Even through tragedy I see his hand in everything that I touch… smell… see… or experience.  He is an amazing God!  So worthy of our praise, simply because he is God!  Tomorrow as you wake… thank him for the amazing God he is.   Then trust that he will provide, in you, an amazing day!   2 Corinthians 2:14

I Love You!


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