It Is His Promise!

The drought here in Texas has been relentless.  Day after day of one hundred plus temps, and no rain in sight.  Then it happened.  Dark clouds… heavy wind… thunder… lighting… then glorious rain.  Only for a few minutes, but water from heaven none the less.  Over the next couple of days out of that simple rain, seeds that had set dormant… waiting… sprung to life. Slowly at first, but with more water they started to grow.  As I noticed, my thoughts turned to the small seeds that live inside of us.  Small seeds that wait for the perfect time… the perfect rain… to bloom and grow. Seeds we are unaware of but placed there by the Master Gardener.  Seeds of hope.  Seeds of love. Seeds of faith. Seeds of joy.  I don’t know what is happening in your life, at this moment.  Maybe your lonely, depressed, feeling less then loved.  Maybe your faith has withered and you are looking for solid ground.  Small seeds have been planted in each of our hearts.  Seeds that may sit dormant and unseen. Maybe years or decades.  They wait for the perfect time and the perfect rain to bloom and grow.   He is waiting for the perfect time in your life to water those dormant seeds in your heart… in your soul.  Wait… Be patient… Keep watch…  When the time comes and he choses to water… life will spring forth and hope, love, and faith will grow.  It is HIS promise

Mark 4:3 / 1 John 3:9

I Love You!


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