Here I Will Wait!

If satan has parties, right now he is having a big one.  Social distancing… closed borders… walls instead of bridges… fear over faith…  no one gathering to worship… people looking every way but up… oh yes if satan has parties to celebrate victories he is having a huge one right now.  As he spoke to me of his fear, his comment was “it looks like we might need a miracle”.  The person that says I  will shake your hand in faith, thats a miracle.  The person that says I will offer a hug in faith,  thats a miracle. The custodian that says I will clean up after the sick people, thats a miracle.  The miracles are all around us… we simply have to look.  If you want to be the miracle have faith… and give your fear to the one that can destroy satan.  Our God is good, our God is faithful, our God is for us and not against us.  If in this valley of chaos is where I will learn of his faithfulness.  

Then here I will wait!

Matthew 21:21

I Love You!


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