Where To Find God!

They call us their adopted grandparents!  What an honor!  This group of amazing young people, who shine a bright light on the future of our planet.  Mere children in my older eyes, but young adults with a future that shines like the sun on this hot August day.  A group of young people, with our own grandchildren counted among them, who enjoy the company of Lorna and I, despite our age.  They hang out at our house. Go to dinner with us and include us in their group text. As I watch them jump in the pool, with their dress clothes on, I feel the presence of God.  I can feel him all around me and see him in these wonderful teenagers.  These amazing young people take me away from all my worries, if just for a moment.  It is just the primal stuff of life that has broken through the mess of concerns that takes us captive on most days. It is life in the immediacy of the present moment before thought begins. What is so extraordinary about this moment is that nothing beyond the ordinary is present. It is just a starlit sky and young people at play.  That is where we find God.  In the simple unexpected times, when cares of the world fall away. When we are able to leave the problems of the day behind and simply contemplate Gods glory. I see him in their face. I feel him in their hugs. I hear him in their conversations and I marvel at the blessings he provides. 

Timothy 4:12  

I Love You!


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