The Best Way To Love!

He was young and appeared to be homeless.  As I came from the market I could hear the conversation.  The young man had a look of despair and appeared to be cornered by an older gentleman.  Young and homeless, but Gods child all the same.  He was being preached at by a gentleman who looked as though he just came from church, on this Sunday.  A gentleman who appeared to be concerned with his opinion of this young mans’ life, more than that of his own.  This gentleman was more concerned with telling him how wrong he was… than he was with simply loving.  Why do we think that because we live a life of church going and prayer that our life is more right than that of this homeless person? Why do we think that we need to advise when Jesus would simply love?  I have talked with a lot of homeless people.  I work with many organization that support homeless people and help give them medical attention.  One thing I know for sure is that the homeless want someone to care… to listen… to pray… to simply love.  They are not looking for someone to preach or tell them why your right and they are wrong.  They want to be in the presence of someone with a Jesus heart.  Someone who is more concerned with lending an ear or a hug than with preaching. The best way to love anyone is to simply listen. Simply support.  Simply understand.  It’s Jesus job to do the rest.   Luke 20:45 / Romans 8:31

I Love You!


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