Jesus Excitement!

When she saw the name “Jesus” her excitement overwhelmed… she stop me to say so.  I had on a HJD shirt and she made an effort to share her excitement.  It was one of the most refreshing things I have experienced in a long while.  No pretense. No apprehension about my lifestyle. No worry about this religion or that. No concern for my beliefs other than that I loved Jesus.  Her excitement was contagious, and her love was so transparent it made my heart sing.  She was from South Africa and would do whatever was needed to make sure she could study, learn, and love Jesus with her whole heart. She talked of how she had to sneak around to worship him.  She had to hide inside to fully express her love for our Savior.  It gave me pause as to my level of love for our teacher.  It is so easy for me to worship him… love him.  I wear his name on my person everywhere I go, but do I exude my excitement for him? Do any of us?  We live in a world where if we get to excited for the one who saves us we are considered Jesus freaks.  Let us be excited about our favorite sports team, favorite singer or favorite actor and we are accepted.  You can get excited about a president you might like, but display over excitement for the King of Kings and you will considered awkward.  I pray, that just like this wonderful sweet girl, my love for Jesus will make a few people uncomfortable.

Luke 19:39-40 (msg)

I Love You!


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