Is God Love Or Not?

God doesn’t just love. God IS love.  In the greek, God is described as AGAPE love.  The highest form.  In 1st Corinthians 13:3, Paul gives a definition of agape love.  So the question asked of me was: “if God is love then can I put God in place of love when reading that verse”.  Sure.  So he read it like this “God is patient. God is kind.  God does not boast. God does not dishonor others, is not self seeking, is not easily angered.  GOD DOES NOT KEEP A RECORD OF WRONGS.”   Our God is one who pursues. He chases after us with a relentless desire to be close.  He wants nothing more than to have a relationship.  To look after our every need.  How can a God, who loves so much, as to keep track of every hair on our head, turn his back simply because we sin.  Is there anyone in your life that God does not love?  What does that mean for our image of God?  What does that mean for you?  For me?  Does God hate?  Only the things that could harm his children.  Does he condemn the one he loves?  Do you believe Corinthians or not?  The way we have always looked at God, and his wrath, is dependent upon him keeping a record of wrongs.  Scripture teaches that this love, that is God, is larger than we could ever imagine.  According to Paul: “NOTHING CAN KEEP US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD”!  There are many people who I think don’t believe that.  Is God love or not? Luke 15:4-6

I Love You!


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