The Way You Wonder!

The way you wonder is the way you choose!  Do you dwell on the heavenly things Paul talked about in Romans or do you dwell on the fear and anxiety that Satan is using the world to throw at you.  I pause as I see us living our life inside our heads.  We fill ourselves with anxiety… pride… selfish thoughts.  I’m told for most people 70% of our thoughts are negative in nature.  Will I get sick?  Will I suffer at the hands of another?  Will I or someone I love die today?  Have you ever noticed in the word ANXIETY, the I is in the middle? The word PRIDE, the I is in the middle?  When we live lives of pride and selfish behavior anxiety and fear control our thoughts.  We dwell in a place of what is best for us.  When we turn our minds and hearts to Christ. Completely and fully to Jesus… then the holy spirit fills our minds with the fruits that come from HIM.  He fills our minds with positive thoughts about his love and grace.  Fear takes a back seat to confidence in his salvation.  Anxiety is washed away by assurance in his love. Pride is replaced with caring for others.  Pray daily for the courage to walk away from the deception that Satan throws at you.  Dwell in the place of love that can only come from our Savior.   If he cries over the falling of a sparrow then how much more will he watch over you?

Romans 8

I Love You!


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