Hug Day!

Thursday is hug day for me.  

Every Thursday for several years now I go by the place where our son and daughter work and I give them a hug.  Today as I hugged my amazing children I thought of how deep my love is for them.   I then thought of our God.  As much as I love my children, God loves Jesus a thousand times that.  I thought of what he must have gone thru when he give his son a hug before he sent him to save us.  I thought of how hard it must have been to send him to earth knowing the burden he would endure.  Knowing the suffering he would go thru.  Knowing the hatred he would face.  God knew as he hugged and sent his son that he would have to watch as he was beaten… tortured… spat on… crucified.  Knowing all of these things he gave him one final hug and sent him to save me!  To save you!   What an amazing God!!

1 John 4:9

I Love You!


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