Lessons Of The Manger!

I thought I got it!  Every Christmas, I look at and read about the nativity scene but the true deep reality of it never fully came clear.  In that time a stable was simply a lien-to and perhaps the most disgusting structure in town.  Under its’ roof the dirtiest place would have been the manger.  Full of animal saliva… worms… and the stench of uneaten moldy food.  God could have chosen anywhere for his son to be born.  A palace.  A suite at the inn.  In the middle of the synagogue.  Why a manger?  He wanted to choose the lowliest, most disgusting, vile place, to show us how his love works.  I have watched churches turn away people because they do not fit in.  I have watched as people shun those they consider disgusting.  We live in a world where it is believed you should act a certain way,  dress a certain way,  and talk a certain way.  The manger says – I came for everyone!  I was born to love the most disgusting, dirty, vile person you can think of.  Sometimes God hides lessons in the most obvious place.  For me, this one brought a multitude of tears and time on my knees.  The manger teaches humility. The manger teaches unconditional love.  Isn’t it time we all practice that each day in our churches and on the street?

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I Love You!


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