Life Changed!

As I sit in this large restaurant, there are so many people. Waiters and waitresses.  Buss boys and cooks.  Everyone rushing around.  People are busy eating and visiting.  It gives me pause.  I think on the hustle and bustle, of Bethlehem this night.  The streets were crowded.  The taverns where filled to overflowing.  The hotels had no vacancies, and the shop owners were selling merchandise, left and right. No one had any idea what was about to happen.  Everyone was going about their busy lives, just as they are tonight.  No one had a clue, that on the edge of town, the world was changing. Life was transforming, for all of eternity.  The Savior of the world was being born. God was appearing in the flesh.  And yet everyone was busy with their agenda.  Busy with their list.  Busy with what they considered important.  I see that today.  We go about our busy lives, with not a thought as to what is right before us.  We rush here and there, with no thought of our Savior.  The one that brings meaning and glory to our souls, is a part of everything around us.  He is in the people we see, and the air we breath.  He is right before us, every minute of everyday, and most of us never even notice.  Take time to pause. Take time to see him… feel him… and cherish him.  Because of tonight… life will never be the same.  Ephesians 1:11

Merry Christmas!

I love you!


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