Bone Deep Love!

As we all sit in a circle the question was; “what do you get from your spouse”?  After listening to all the desires, all the wants from the others, I simply answered “I expect nothing from Lorna except to love me”.  Love is a free choice.  As the two of us are soulmates, our love does not demand performance.  We simply do for each other out of a place of deep love.  Unconditional love produces a desire to please… to serve… to cherish.  So it is, with our love and relationship with Christ.  As we accept his unconditional love it forms in us a desire to please him. Not out of fear… not out of a desire to earn… or a need to follow rules, but out of respect and love.  Unconditional love never demands performance.  Never demands compliance. Never demands rules.  If love is truly unconditional there is no need for rules, because everything is done from a place in the heart.  Our Savior does not demand that we do things a certain way, act a certain way or follow a given set of rules.  If he did, then what was the cross for?  He simply and unconditionally asked that we love him in return… the way he loves us.  He then ask that we love others as much as we love him.  From a place of love that goes bone deep. That is the only way to live and love in harmony. 

1 John – Chapter 4

I Love You!


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