Jesus Needs Us!

Mary was so young. So scared… but so trusting.  Jesus… a baby like any other.  Carried for nine months and born of blood… of pain.  As she held him close, she could feel his beating heart.  As she gazed upon his face, she could tell he was hungry.  Like all babies he needed food… he needed her.  As she brought him to her breast, the reality fully set in.  I am feeding, and giving life to, the son of God.  I am giving food and nourishment, to the Savior of all mankind.  My Savior.  I am sharing my blood, my life, my heart with the King of Kings. The Lord of Lords.  He is God’s son… he is my son… he is a part of who I am.  He came as an infant.  He came helpless… naked… and needy.  Just like us, he was totally dependent on his mother for life, for food, for comfort.  Jesus could have come as an already grown man.  He could have come to simply teach, and simply save.  He could have spent three years, and returned to his fathers side.  He wanted us to have more.  He wanted us to know more than just salvation.  Christ showed up as a defenseless… helpless… baby, to prove that he needs us, as much as we need him. He needs our love.  He needs our compassion.  He needs our relationship.  Let’s not forget that, this Christmas… this year… as we humble ourselves in his presence.

Philippians 1:9

Merry Christmas!

I Love You!


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