Merry Christmas – Trust

It is such an honor to hold him.  The light beaming from his face, as I caress his cheek, makes me proud.  As I hold him close I can feel his heart beat.  A heart that was given to save all people.  As I look into his eyes I see pure love.  I see eyes that will look at people with grace.  As I count his fingers I think of his hands and the healing they will do.  Oh  my! It’s starting to sink in.  I am the mother of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  I am the mother to the son of God.  How do I do this?  How do I teach him? How do I lead him or will he lead me?  My love is so overwhelming but will I be able to  save him or will he save me?  Do I discipline him or do I trust God?  How do I do this?  Trusting God!  Just like Mary do you find yourself wondering how you can do life.  It’s simple… trust the one who gave it to you.

Luke 2:6-7

Merry Christmas and I love you!


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