It started on a Wednesday and got bigger the following Tuesday.  Betrayal. Deceit. Selfishness. All in an effort to get ahead.  I never thought they would leave my side. These people I love.  Some people I have poured my heart and resources into. Friends and those I love being hateful… devious… in an effort to self promote.   I have felt betrayed and broken.  All my life I have found a strength in helping others.  All my life I have been a part of Christian organizations.  Only to be betrayed by the very systems that claim to follow Christ.  Systems that claim morals and rules based on scripture and our father.  I now know that those very institutions are more about self preservation and not Christian principles.

So I thought about Paul.  What Paul already recognized, is that  it is almost impossible for any social grouping to be corporately or consistently selfless. It has to maintain and promote itself first, at virtually any cost—sacrificing even its own stated ethics and morality.  So where does that leave us.  With Christ and Christ alone. It has taught me that believing in Christian institutions, derived from men, is a dangerous place to put faith.  So what is faith?  It’s not certainty in what we know or systems we are a part of.  It’s confidence in who we know.  I certainly don’t expect Institutions to be perfect.  No one is.  However I do expect them to follow the one who leads our life. 

Look only to Christ! Christ alone!  In him is complete truth.  1 Peter 14 – 16

I Love You!


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