Why Do Christmas?

This Christmas my heart has felt heavy with a burden of the things I see.   Two thousand years ago our Savior sacrificed the glories of heaven out of a deep love for us.   He come to this earth, as an infant, in order that we might have life.  As I attend Christmas parties… as I walk around Christmas displays… as I watch people scurry thru the mall… I wonder if Christ remains at the center of this holiday.  Was Jesus mentioned at your company party? Was Jesus the focus as you put lights on your house?  Did our Savior stay on your mind as you went to that Christmas celebration?  We need to remember the food, the presents, the parties and the lights mean nothing without him.  As you spend time tomorrow with family and friends don’t let a moment go by without putting him front and center.  Rest assured… you and I are front and center in his thoughts. Every minute of everyday.

Merry Christmas!


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