Strength From Knowing!

Do you have the strength that comes from knowing?  We live in a season where so many choose to lose faith in God and fear the things this world throws at us.  It seems as though so many people worry daily about dying.  We worry about crime.   We worry about this illness or that.  We worry about money.   About who’s running our country.  We worry about who’s reading the bible correctly.  About who is our enemy.  We live our life, in what seems to be, one worry after another.  Christ said “who can add but one hour to their life from worry”.  Maybe God told us not to worry because worry is from lack of faith.  Worry is saying to God “we want to believe in you …that you care… but we’re not quite sure”.  I know it’s hard to have strong faith in a world that seems so crazy.  But maybe if we had more faith… the world would become a better place.  God believes in us.  Maybe we should believe a little more in him.

Matthew 6:27

I Love You!


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