Just Ask!

Thirty seven times.  Thirty Seven!!  H2O became wine.  Evil spirits ran in fear.  Fish jumped into nets, at his calling.  Leprosy vanished with a touch.  Small fish, and simple bread, fed thousands with a thought.  Walking on water… no problem.  Blindness vanished with a little spit and mud.  Even a simple touch of his garment brought healing.  Simple words and death’s sting was gone.  Thirty seven times in three years Jesus used the power from his father to heal… to save… to change lives.  Thirty seven times he proved to us that the power of God was present in his spirit.  Why then do we struggle to believe that he will take care of us.  Three hundred and sixty five times, in scripture, he whispers “DO NOT FEAR” but yet we spend our days full of anxiety.  Does not the Holy Spirit live within us?  Does not His Spirit reside in our hearts… in our souls?  I know it’s hard to comprehend, but the same power that performed thirty seven miracles lives in each of us.  That same power that raised Jesus from the dead is available simply for the asking.  So ask!! When you fear,  ask for courage.  When you doubt, ask for confidence.  When you are filled with anxiety ask for peace.  His power will fill you to overflowing.  Just ask!    Romans 8:11-14

I Love You!


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