Look or See?

We all look but do we see?  Do you simply look at people or do you see them?  I know you look, so do I.  I look… I ponder…  I judge…  but do I see.  To look is to only notice the outside.  To see is to picture the heart.  To picture the image of God.  We spend our lives surrounded by people.  People of all different races, different backgrounds, different social standings.  We tend to  judge based on circumstance.  Based on material possessions. Based on appearance.  What if we stopped looking and started seeing.  What if we peered past all of the outward dirt and we saw straight into the heart.  We would see those with an outward appearance we are comfortable with… but a heart of stone.  We would see others who’s outward appearance gives us pause… but with a heart of compassion.  Thank goodness our Savior looks past the outside and sees the heart.  Thank goodness he was willing to save us BECAUSE he sees our heart… and not all the dirt.

1 Samuel 16:7 (MSG)

I Love You!


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