Eighteen Inches!

Eighteen inches!  Such a short distance… but a long journey.  Does your walk with God start in your head or your heart? It’s eighteen inches from one to the other.  Christ didn’t spend time telling people what they did wrong. He didn’t spend time telling of his wisdom.  He didn’t make a list of all the things they needed, to gain his approval.  He simply loved.  He simply forgave.  He simply made them feel special.  When it came time to love he didn’t analyze why they were caught in the situation they were in… he simply helped.  He didn’t worry about where they came from… he simply helped.  When you run across a homeless person do you judge or do you pray and help.  When you encounter a person with a hardened past do you shy away and judge or do you pray and help.  Why are we so quick to see differences when Christ doesn’t?  If your walk with God is in your head.  If your walk with our Savior is all about one scripture after another.  Take time to let it travel the eighteen inches he intended for it to.  It’s the only way we will change this world for him.  It’s not about how many verses you can remember.  It’s about how much love you can show.  He is counting on our hearts to be the door he walks through. 

Colossians 3:12



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