Teach Me Patience!

Do you ever have those days when you are fed up with Gods’ children?  As I drive, I sense anger at the person driving to slow, because they are texting.  I get honked at by a girl, who came into my turn lane, because she didn’t pay attention to the sign. She was texting.  The day progressed and it seemed to get worse.  People not showing up for work.  Products not on shelves. It seems integrity has left on a train.  Common sense has taken a vacation.  Then he talks to my heart.  He shows himself in certain people… in certain places.  He says wait… I am still here.  I know my children have issues.  I know my children, including you, fall so very short, but they are my children and I love them.“ Father teach me patience with those around me.  Give me compassion.  Grant me wisdom to look past the irritation and see Christ in everyone. To look beyond the people and notice you in everything around me.  Father allow me to take the log out of my eye, before noticing the splinter in the eye of others.  Keep me focused on you and not the tribulations of this world”.  I want to add “please teach people to drive and not use their cell phone”.  But God grabs my heart and says do not judge.  I answer “but its hard”.  Again he says, believe me I know.  What a friend our God is!

Matthew 7:1-5 (MSG)

I Love You!


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