Living Without Judgement!

I could not help but overhear her discussion.  She was sitting right next to me.  She turned in my direction and seeing I was a minister moved forward with her conversation, which was now directed to me.  As she told me her story my first thought was “Why would you want to live that way”. Why would you choose to live in negativity and have a judgmental heart.  As I listened to her story my mind moved to this thought: “Why do we set our own lifestyle as a benchmark, and use that to judge another’s life”.  On a cultural level, we take what our group… tribe… religion… or political party deems to be negative or out of bounds… or to be shunned. We then use that as a benchmark for judgement… for mistreatment.  Behind every social oppression, lurks a piece of a group whose members are exporting it onto others, who are not of their tribe. It happens when you think your lifestyle is better than theirs.  When you think your religion is better than others.  When you think your sin is not as soiled as the next persons sin. To truly understand the heart of Christ means you live as he did.  Not with judgment but with understanding love. Planting seeds of hope and salvation without your opinion on the issue.  The only people Jesus had an issue with were the ones who thought their tribe was the best. We have to let go of our egos.  Live with love… not judgement.  Matt. 7:1-5

I Love You!


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