He Changed Everything!

Most days I am amazed at the way our mind works.  We have our routine, and we think we know what is right… what is wrong.  We live in such comfort, and anything that takes us out of that comfort makes us uneasy.  During the time of the Torah they thought the same.  The leaders of the church had all the answers… had all the solutions. They spent their days teaching, what they believed to be right….to be wrong.  THEN CAME JESUS! He took what they believed and turned it upside down.  He took what everyone thought to be their comfort zone and turned it 180 degrees.  He does the same today!  He says don’t worry about rules… live by love.  Don’t worry about this way or that… believe in me.  Don’t think you are earning your way to heaven… let me carry that load. Return hatred with love.  If someone steals from you don’t judge, give him your other belongings also. Love your enemies, even more than you love your friends.  Our Saviors’ teaching is full of hidden messages. He teaches us a way of life we never thought possible. If we learn of his life, and contemplate his teachings, we will see but a glimpse of his heart.  His message is for today. How the kingdom of God is here and now, if we simply live as he taught. Straight from the part of our heart… where he resides. Colossians  3:12-17 (MSG)

I Love You!


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