The Jesus Principle

Happy Jesus Day

Do you live with the Jesus Principle?

When God put this thought in my head I had to ask: What Does He Mean?  I believe with my heart it is a way of life that looks to Christ in everything… for guidance in every situation.  When faced with conflict.  When faced with temptation.  When contemplating a direction we should ask: Does it fit into the Jesus Principle?  Jesus lived without judgement or condemnation. Jesus lived without violence or hatred.  He allowed others to have their space and to move in the direction they thought best.  He was peace personified.  When Peters’ reaction was justice with a sword, Jesus rebuked.  “Peter that is not what we are about.”  Only to pick up the guards ear and replace it.  When you live by the Jesus Principle and someone wrongs you, your first thought should not be revenge, but love and prayer for them. Jesus did not return violence with violence.  Instead he demonstrated restraint, and returned violence with love.  When others thought differently, he simply taught by planting seeds, then sent them on their way.  No rebuke… no judgement… no hatred.  He met people right where they lived and showed them a life through example. He looked upon all, as the children of his father.  Worthy of his love and worthy of his understanding. To live with the Jesus Principle means we should do the same.       

1 John 3:18

I Love You!


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