Ego Separates Us!

Our egos are the part of our hearts, that not only separates us from God but from each other.  I have watched as people I love, allow a relationship that has the potential to be a gift, erode like the dirt of a nearby creek.  They allow erosion to happen, before speaking from the heart, because truthfulness and heart felt listening produces a blow to the ego.  Ego and pride.  Two words that go hand in hand but bring no glory to those that let them control.  Of all the things Christ talked against, these two top the list.  

He caused one of the greatest losses our company had ever experienced.  He cheated… lied… to all of us. Mostly to me.  He did it out of what he believed was a right cause, but it was wrong regardless.  After it was over, my heart could do nothing but allow forgiveness and take him back in.  His pride, would not allow him to come back to his home of 22 years.  That is how pride and ego work.  When someone will not let you in traffic… ego!  When someone let’s their beliefs out weigh their love… ego.  When others are belittling or condemning… ego.  I cry sometimes thinking about how the world has become so egotistical.  Each of us being so hateful to the other, all in an effort to feed our egos.  If you are in a relationship.  Be it friend, spouse, or co-worker.  Throw the ego… the pride… out the window.  Look for common ground. Then stand on.  Let love fill your heart.  It’s the only way to peace and understanding.  Luke 14:10-11

I Love You!


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