The Bible – Sword or Peace Treaty?

We have taken a set of stories, directions and so many letters and turned them into an idol.  I myself am in love with Gods’ word.  Only to the point that it shows me how to love. I have read it through many times.  Studied it in different translations and spent time even trying to understand the original language as it was written.  As much as I have spent my life studying, I believe it has become many things other than what God intended.  We use it as a sword of judgement to oppress those we don’t understand. We choose which parts of it to believe, while dismissing other teachings to suit our needs.  Through out history it has been used to oppress woman, to judge certain behaviors and to degrade many races of people.  Many use their own interpretation to single out people with homosexual lifestyles while looking past other lifestyles with careless regard. Unless and until we understand the biblical concept of God’s grace, God’s unaccountable love, most of the biblical text cannot be interpreted or tied together in any positive way. Grace, without a doubt, is the key to everything in the Bible. People who have not experienced the radical character of grace, will always misinterpret the meaning of scripture. The Bible will become a burden, obligation, and weapon more than a gift.  I have been asked by young people I mentor “who do we listen to? So many interpretations and so many religions”.  My answer.  The Holy Spirit.  She is the only one that truly knows his heart. 

1 John 4:8                     I Love You!   Perry

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