Heaven… Here and Now!

The day was like any other… but on this day I had to spend a lot of time behind the windshield.  As always I listened to God music. However, this day it all came together in my mind. In a place in my soul… that only God can reach.  I felt a peace that passes understanding.  The kind of peace that makes you one with God the father. One with Christ the son. One with the spirit that engulfs both.  I thought of all the people in my life.  From beginning to now.  So many amazing people, who have crossed my path. People who have touched my heart… my life.  I thought of all the amazing experiences I have had a chance to be exposed to.  Places I have seen and worlds I have encountered.  I suddenly saw Christ in everyone.  The drivers in the other cars.  The people walking along the street.  The ones I talked with when I made stops. I saw God in each tree and each flower.  When Jesus talked of the kingdom of God he was not talking of heaven.  He was talking of his reign here and now, on this earth.  I was experiencing that kingdom… that reign of God.  When we allow the spirit to guide us.  To talk to our soul.  When we allow Jesus to invade our being, we experience the kingdom of God.  It is here all around us. I do believe heaven is waiting, but I also believe heaven is here and now.  We simply have to allow the spirit to guide us there.  

Luke 17:20  

Happy New Year!


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