The Joy Of Grace!

As I stand in the wind of a cold front, it feels as though it’s coming from all directions.  It whips and turns, gusts and slows.  It refreshes one minute, and brings shivers the next.  As I feel it coming from this way, then that way.  I think of the spirit of Jesus, and the way it feels the same.  We have to live in a spirit place, in order to understand the love, and true joy, of our Savior.  Joy should be a constant companion.  When we find ourselves living, in the grace of one day, joy shows up through the spirit of Christ.  We had the chance to keep my nephews recently, and to watch children play brings an awareness of the spirit of God.  They have no agenda.  They simply live in the grace of one day.  No five year plan, no worry of tomorrow. Just grace of the moment… of the day. They go one way… then the other. They dance. Then they run. Then they sit. No thought of rules, or what’s right and wrong.  Just grace for a moment.  When we take the time to contemplate our father, and his spirit, we find joy coming first one way… then the other.  As we grow we get so caught up by rules, regulations, and the need to please. We forget Gods grace, is part of our lives… every minute… every day.  Father, teach me to look for your spirit… your grace… no matter what direction it comes from. Romans 8 (MSG)

I Love You!


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