You Say You Love Me!

My Heavenly Father!

You say you love me but I don’t know how to be your child.  You say you have grace untold for me but I don’t deserve it.  You fill my life with favor but I don’t know why.  I try each day to make you proud.  To be your hands… your feet… your  love.  I try with unwavering devotion to put a smile on your face but I fall so pitifully short.  My sin makes me want to hide.  Then you wrap me in your love.  You fill my soul with the warmth of your embrace.  You peer into my heart and without hesitation you tell me that I don’t have to know how to be your child.  All I have to do is accept and love you.  What an amazing Father.  What an amazing Savior you are!  Father guide me down the path you would have me to follow.  The path that leads straight to you. 

Ephesians 2:8 & 9

I love You!


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