Amazing Love!

I stand at the window of my warm home, and I cry at the amazing world our father made for us.  The beauty of the snow coming down.  As I listen to John Denver, on the Alexa, I cry at the amazing gift of sight, sound and senses, to experience such a magnificent view and the white wonder, that is a winter storm.  I cry at the gifts, and I cry for the compassion I have for those that can not see, those that cannot hear, and those that are lost, out in this bitter cold day.  I cry for a little girl, Savvy, that has a special place in my heart. She has lost her sight due to tumors.  How I would give anything, if she could see this snow and the glory that it brings to the day.  I cry as I ask for forgiveness, for the times when I take for granted the life he has blessed me with.  The health he has given.  The eyes he has placed in my head, and the ears he has made.  I praise him for the home, and the land he so richly blessed me with.  It’s days like this that God says “slow down and enjoy the wonders I have placed before you”.  Father help me on most days, to stop and enjoy the blessings you give so freely because you love so deeply.  Thank you for loving us the way you do! 

I Love You!


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