Trust = Love!

Do you ever think what is the greatest way to show love to someone?  Is it thru gifts? Is it thru words?  Is it thru actions or simply by noticing?  Then my thoughts turn to, how do I show my deepest love to the God who made me?  Trust!!  When you trust God you show him the unconditional love he so desires from you.  During times of your life that all hope seems lost… you must trust.  During times in life when fear is your greatest enemy… you must trust.  During times when the answers don’t seem to come… you must trust. During times when control is out of reach… you must trust.  When you have deep abiding trust in God it is the greatest way to show your love.  At that moment you are telling him.  I believe, without a doubt, everything you have promised.  I believe without a doubt, you are here,  you are watching, you want what is best for me.  Isn’t that what a child does with a parent to show love for them? Children trust mom unconditionally.   If you can’t fully trust the maker of the universe and the giver of life.  Then true love has not found its way into your heart.

Proverbs 3:5

I Love You!


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