In A Matter Of Seconds!

Thursday was a day just like any other.  Same routine.  No appointments. A day to laugh and spend time with my work family.  Lunch was relaxing. Then as I made my way back to my desk… in a matter of seconds… life took a dramatic turn.  A young man that has a very special place in my heart was found unconscious in his apartment and then later went home to be with our Savior.  No warning.  No preparation.  No time.  Just one minute everything is good and the next tragedy.  We are a people that are addicted to comfort.  We are a people that are addicted to control.  We work tirelessly to make sure we have everything in order.  We spend day after day in search for peace, that we think is found in order and control.  There is no control.  There is no order.  There is no peace to be found on this earth short of Jesus Christ.  All the plans in the world… all the money in the world… and all the control is but an illusion.  As a people we have to put our faith, our hope, our comfort in one place and one place only.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Anything other than that… is time wasted.  John 16:31-33

I Love You!


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