Our God Is Good!

Her life seemed to be one tragedy after another.  As I listened to her story of abuse… of harm… of the attempt by her ex-husband to kill her… I thought of the goodness of our God.  I use to wonder how our God could allow so much suffering… so much pain.  If he is a loving God? If we are his children?  Then why does he not protect us?  Our God is so good, that he stands with us in the fire, of this broken world.  He walks with us through the pain… through the tragedy.  The cross!  The most disgusting torture device ever created, by the evil side of our nature, he used for glory.  He didn’t save his son… himself… from that tragic device. He embraced it and used it for good. He took his own son and proved that no tragedy, not even the evil of the cross, can keep us from him.   Every season in your life.  Every tragedy you have gone through.  Every illness or loss you have encountered, had a purpose. To be used for good and to bring glory to him.  God is good, all the time, whether you embrace him or not.  She made it through the fire, her ex-husband set to kill her.  The only part of the house that didn’t burn, was the closet she was in!  Our God is Good!!

Matthew 19:17

I Love You!


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