Talk To Him!

Talk to him.   Not in formal prayer, although that is okay.  But talk to him.  Every minute, of everyday.  As you would a best friend or close spouse.  As your day progresses “Thank Him” continually for everything in your life.  Talk to him about problems. Talk to him about good things.  Many times as Lorna and I are intimate, I pause in my mind to “thank him” for such an incredible act of love he created. An act that is made to bring two people as one and create a bond he so desperately desires for us.  When I turned up the volume, Whitney Houston’s voice reverberated from the speakers.  As tears flowed my grandson asked “why”?  A heart of gratitude!  The ability to hear.  The ability to have a system to play the music.  Mostly for the beauty of such talent.  A voice that could only come from God.  Pure… perfect pitch… perfect tone.  It is during each moment of our lives, good or bad, that he longs to hear from us.  To talk with us.  To know our desires, our concerns, our loves.  How many days in the past have I gone for hours, maybe all day, without a word to him.  We get busy, as we are surrounded by people, and our mind puts Christ on the back burner.  I have decided, that is the last place he should be.  Talk to him!  Every moment of your day.  You will find pure joy, will fill your soul.  1 Thessalonians 5:16 (MSG)

I Love You!


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