Where Is Joy?

I have watched her for forty years as she moves thru the day.  Beautiful… heart of gold… and a love for God.  I am so blessed! I look at pictures of my children and grandkids.  All healthy… all good and loving people.  I am so blessed!  I behold the land that we have been made stewards of.  The feeling of peace and the presence of God is in this place.  I am so blessed!  I ponder the company that belongs to God, that he allows us to reside over.  The amazing people that work there and the help the company gives to them.  I am so blessed!  I think on my friends… my church… and the comfort they give.  I am so blessed!  The health that we enjoy and the love that fills our home.  I am so blessed!  We live our lives not knowing what is around the next corner.  We are not sure what tomorrow holds and if our world will fall apart.  If everything I just mentioned crumbled like a stale cookie, I would still be so blessed.  Blessed to know the love of God.  Blessed to have experienced so much favor.  Blessed to live a life of peace and love.  Blessed to be allowed to reveal Gods heart through Happy Jesus Day!  I encourage you to spend your day looking to everything he has blessed you with.  As Jiminy Cricket says:  “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative”.  You will find joy in those moments

2 Corinthians 9:8

I Love You!


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