When God Shows Up!

I went because I love the people who run it.  I was simply providing music not looking for anything special.  Just being helpful.  Then it happened…  God showed up with one of his angels.  An angel in the form of a four year old blind  girl leading a little horse.  Such a small petite frame but she filled the arena with joy and blessing beyond measure.  As on cue and by Gods hand a song started “Ordinary Miracle”.  The tears started to flow as I thought of what this little girl has to endure.  Tears… because I take to much for granted.  Each day we experience “ordinary miracles” that we don’t even notice.  But if you keep your eyes open, and look with your heart, God will show up.  He will bring an extra special miracle with him and it could change your life.  It has for me.      

Job 5:9

I Love You!


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